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Things To Not Put In Your Suitcase

Things To Not Put In Your Suitcase

If you are tired of going out with a big bag every time, listen to our advice on preparing your suitcase for items you need to take before you go to the resort!

Bathroom Stuff

How many products do you really need when showering? It does not end with shampoo, shower gel, hair cream, facial soap, powder, bath milk, foam, peeling count. But when preparing your suitcase, do not be willing to take them all, thinking that you can use all those products at home, you probably won’t need them all. For example, if you are going to have a holiday in the Swiss Alps, you only need to take hand cream and lip balm for extra. Otherwise you will just use up the space in your bag for the things you won’t even use.

Heavy Books

It might sound peaceful to read books while having a peaceful holiday, but in reality this almost never happens. If you really want to read a book and that your holiday is long enough, it is advised to take shorter and lighter books with you, or even better e-books!

Dresses you never tried yet

You certainly need clothes, that is if you are not going to spend your holiday in the nudist camp.  However you should try your clothes before you put them in your traveling bag. Actually, it is a better idea if you just take the clothes you usually wear and love, and know what? Nobody is going to notice that you are wearing that the 100th times, except for your Instagram followers of course.


Many hotels offer clean towels as a standard, so that you can leave your towels at home. If you need an a lot of absorbent and fast-drying microfiber travel towels, you can put one in your suitcase.

City Guide Books

There is no doubt that the city guides that tell you about the city you are going to, from A to Z are a wonderful resource, but you can’t deny that they take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Now with the evolution of internet and mobile applications you can just find about anything you want. For example if you are going to a coastal area, you can look them up in this Best Beaches Website before you even go there.


Okay, we know that you are on a holiday and want to spoil yourself. However, if you are not going to a place within your city, you should enjoy the local foods and drinks to maximize your traveling experience. If you are on a low budget, don’t worry! Street foods are also great and more affordable in many countries.

More Than Two Shoes

You might love your shoes very much and can’t imagine a day without them, and in your daily life you might be combining each outfit with a separate shoe. It would be nice to keep doing this on the holiday, but it is also important to remember that shoes are one of the most space-conscious items in your suitcase.

If you have more to add to this list, please post as a comment.

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