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About Us

Meet Our Professional Crew


Jonathan Ahmed, Pilot


Lisa Baker, Stewardess


Alexander Tavares, Pilot


Catherine Albert, Stewardess

The TransMeridian team was comprised of experienced airline professionals who take pride in delivering a safe, reliable and comfortable service on your behalf. Our highly skilled team of pilots average over 21 years of experience. This team was complemented and supported by an experienced management group recruited from major airlines around the world.

About us

TransMeridian Airlines was a leading U.S. charter airline, operating under U.S. Department of Transportation FAR Part 121. The company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 1995. TransMeridian had traditionally flown on behalf of the nation’s largest tour operators from the upper Midwest and Northeast to points in the Caribbean and Mexico. TransMeridian was regulated by the FAA and meets the same exact maintenance and safety standards as any Major U.S. airline. The difference between TransMeridian and these larger airlines was how we sell to the public. Under Department of Transportation regulations, charter airlines like TransMeridian must escrow each passenger’s funds paid in advance of travel into a federally approved escrow account until that passenger has traveled. This provides for maximum consumer protection.

TransMeridian’s fleet consisted of the following three types of aircraft: the Boeing 727-200 Advanced; the Boeing 757-200ER; and the Boeing MD-80. Since its founding, TransMeridian had safely carried well over one million passengers to over 150 destinations primarily within the United States, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.

More than service

We recognize that our customers have a choice when selecting an airline for their travel needs. As a customer-driven organization, the entire TransMeridian team was focused on exceeding expectations. It was our responsibility to create in the minds of our customers a strong sense of trust, confidence and value through our operating performance. Our success was entirely dependent on your satisfaction. We welcome the opportunity to understand your needs and to develop an air travel solution that delivers the quality and service you require.

Our Offices