I FLY TMA | 4 Bistros to see in Paris
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4 Bistros to see in Paris

4 Bistros to see in Paris

There’s just something special about eating in a Paris bistro. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere or the simplicity of the traditional French cooking; who knows. Either way, Paris has some really great Bistros that are definitely worth visiting..here’s a few of the best.


Situated on the rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Allard is a very popular bistro among Parisians and one that’s definitely worth venturing out for. The food is charming, tasty and traditional (try the signature duck with olives for two) and the setting quintessentially old-fashioned and tasteful.

Note: Stuffy Cheaks, a self-described travel junkie and food whore has written a – admittedly slightly out-dated – review of Restaurant Allard complete with some very beautiful pictures.

Le Bistrot de Cancale

One of the most surprising things about Le Bistrot de Cancale is not so much the quality of the food, this was to be expected, but rather the location which is within a shopping centre in the 15th arrondissement. Seafood lovers, this is your Parisian Paradise and best of all it’s definitely good value. Location: 30-32, boulevard de Vaugirard 75015 PARIS

Le Chardenoux

Creative and tasty, what’s not to love about this place. Owner Cyril Lignac has written many cookbooks and is the owner on several other restaurants throughout Paris – you know you’re in good hands. Although traditional in its approach the menu allows a certain amount of creativity that blends well with the traditional French recipes. Girl’s guide to Paris has written a very good review.

Chez Georges

Heart-warming classic French food, Chez Georges is popular with locals and visitors alike, although its location and proximity to the stock exchange means it has picked up the interest of several nearby traders. As with all of these bistros, reservations are recommended.

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